Lighting & Irrigation


“Showcase your landscaping not just during the day but also at night with outdoor architectural lighting.”

Overstream - Alfaro Residence
Outdoor architectural lighting allows you to enjoy the beauty of your landscape after the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting highlights focal points in your landscape by casting shadows. Through the use of various lighting fixtures, including spot lights, mushroom lights, pathfinder lights, water lights, and other specialty lights, Four Elements Landscape can design captivating lighting effects that compliment your landscape.


“We will install a system that will minimize the loss of water and have adequate coverage for your landscaping needs.”

An irrigation system is crucial to keeping your grass green and lush as well as your vegetation healthy. Water conservation is imperative and we keep that in mind when designing an irrigation system to fit all your needs. Four Elements Landscape specializes in designing and installing low maintenance, automatic irrigation systems to handle all watering needs.

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